New Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Study in New Zealand Suggests Chronic Pain and Mental Health Benefits

A new study published out of New Zealand included 400 people in a study, all of whom had been assessed for treatment at Dr. Graham Gulbransen’s medicinal cannabis clinic in Auckland.

The joint study, conducted in part with the University of Auckland, patients were asked to self-report things including quality of life and side effects from before starting a CBD Oil treatment, during the process, and after the four week study.

Only 250 of the patients actually rated their results Substantial with 70% of them reported good, very good or excellent benefit from CBD use, according to the study.

“The findings are consistent with other evidence and underline the need for more research to allow us to fully realise the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis,” lead author professor Bruce Arroll says.

Because the results were self-reported by the patients, the study’s authors warn they can’t know whether or not the placebo effect was factored in.

The study also found patients with non-cancer pain symptoms and mental health-related symptoms reported improvements including improved ability to complete activities and less pain, anxiety and depression.

“Our findings show that CBD is well-tolerated in most patients and can markedly ease symptoms in a range of hard-to-treat conditions, and that there are people keen to access this and self-fund the medication (about $300 per month),” Dr. Arroll said. 

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