At the young age of 12, Taylor Hogan’s addiction to using opioid painkillers began. To some, 12 is just the age of a child but those who live in the addiction-riddled communities of the United States understand just how real this is. After years of painkiller use and abuse, Hogan, like most addicts turned to heroin to satisfy the cravings for drugs she encountered daily.

Diagnosed in 2019 with Bipolar 2, Hogan could not find a medication that would help so she turned to a local, natural option for hemp CBD products grown in Tennessee. 

Hogan told Chattanooga based WTVC, “If it wasn’t for CBD, I’d probably still be trying any drug they threw up at me and I don’t know where I’d be.” Hogan also said that she used to endure manic mood swings from low stages of depression where she could barely leave her bed to near hysteria.

Recently, Hogan reached out to the CBD store that sold her the products and explained how the products “saved her life” as Hogan would put it. She cites feeling stable, a new feeling to her, thanks to her CBD usage. 

Future research could unlock more information about CBD for Bipolar treatment as well as the potential to treat addiction in the overwhelming number of Americans currently addicted to opioids.

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