U.S. CBD Seed Now Comparable in Cost and Safety to U.S. Corn Market 

One of the largest wholesale providers of the highest-quality hemp CBD oil products, seed, and clones in the U.S., Hemp Depot recently announced a dramatic shift in CBD-rich seed pricing in an attempt to increase the economic viability and profitability of hemp farming for U.S. farmers in the 2020 season and ahead.

Hemp Depot has engineered an innovative, proprietary new process allowing them to create high volumes of feminized CBD seeds that produce Cannabidiol-rich crops at a cost 70% lower than current market prices to farmers for seeds that do not rival the productivity. The net result is an economically viable solution that allows American hemp farmers to boost production and maximize profit per acre.

Andy Rodosevich, CEO and co-founder of Hemp Depot, shared some insight into the changes. “CBD seeds currently cost farmers an average of 30% of profit, more than twice the average cost of seeds for traditional crops such as corn. Farmers also run the risk of the CBD seed they’re buying not being feminized at the right ratio and not being capable of producing high-potency CBD, as well as not producing the correct CBD to THC ratio.” Rodosevich continued, “These concerns are a thing of the past for the American farmer with the new economics created by Hemp Depot’s CBD-rich seed pricing.”

The new Hemp Depot seed eliminates the potential for lost crops due to “bad seed” with genetic testing by Phylos and potency tested by Botanacor Labs qualifying the seed as 98 percent feminized with a CBD to THC ratio of 26:1.

The announcement of the breakthrough in seed production and pricing comes on the heels of a record setting sales period for Hemp Depot. Rodosevich says 2020 is already on track for record earnings with the company reporting January sales exceeding all of the 2019 sales.

Hemp Depot Co-Founder Luke Pickering says the big break in feminized seed pricing can play a crucial role in helping farmers tweak their business models, “They have been paying an average of $1 per seed for this type of CBD seed, and now they will be able to buy it for about 30 cents a seed. This savings will make a huge difference in the bottom line.” Pickering points out that with the multiple agricultural variables hemp CBD farmers face, a relief in seed pricing will benefit growers across the board.

Pickering notes that Hemp Depot is one of the first CBD firms to earn the Current GMP Certifications for manufacturing and storing CBD.

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