A new store in Fargo, North Dakota hopes to educate the largest North Dakota city about the benefits and opportunities that exist with Cannabidiol and CBD products.

Through a combination of transparency and a welcoming environment, Your CBD Store Fargo located at 1650 45th St in Suite 105 is hoping to make Fargo more comfortable with the idea of CBD products, one interaction at a time.

Owner Matt Yde says the goal of his new store, the Your CBD Store, is to be welcoming, transparent, and knowledgeable to his customers. The store is hoping to improve every customer’s experience when it comes to buying CBD products.

“It’s more comfortable for everybody.” says Yde of the new space. “I know my grandparents and my wife’s grandparents have used CBD, but they would never go into a vape shop or smoke shop or buy it at a gas station, because they want a little more knowledge with it, and they want to be comfortable walking into the store.”

The Your CBD Store experience starts with the associates who are all knowledgeable and available to sit down for one-on-one consultations to help make sure that each customer gets the best CBD product for them.

Product transparency comes in the form of QR codes on each individual item which contains lab results from a third party testing laboratory showing what each product contains, including it’s CBD content and THC content which can be up to 0.3%.

Your CBD Store offers a wide variety of products, from topical ointments to edibles and pet CBD products.

The supplier for Your CBD Store, Sunflora Inc. has been warned in the past by the FDA to stop marketing products that claim to treat pet health issues online, as some testing has raised safety concerns from pets ingesting CBD.

The store has since removed any labels that claim they offer health benefits on any of their products, in compliance with the FDA’s requests.

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